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General Enterprises of Texas, Inc.

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About the company

     General Enterprises has been specializing in microcomputers since 1978.
     The business was formed when it became apparent that computer dealers 
     in The Houston area, and around the country, knew very little about the 
     products they were selling.  Inquiries to manufacturers and distributors
     were met with enthusiasm and invitations to become a dealer and/or distributor
     of their products. 
     The staff at General Enterprises has developed a reputation for being tech-
     nically competent and knowledgeable with respect to the wide variety of 
     hardware and software which they sell and support.  The company also has 
     developed a large library of xBase programs and procedures running in a 
     variety of xBase/SQL environments including DOS, Windows and UNIX.
     General Enterprises is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Canon, IBM, 
     Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments(now called Acer), Toshiba and others.
     Over thirty-five years experience in business management, procurement and
     material control, starting in mainframes, uniquely qualifies General 
     Enterprises to easily become a dealer for these and many other products
     offered.  In addition to handling branded equipment, General Enterprises
     builds and maintains IBM compatibles(nameless clones).  From the bottom of
     the line Celeron to the more advanced Dual and quad core CPU's, these less 
     expensive machines operate the same as, and many times out-perform any name 
     brand system. 

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